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The Inspiring Word
3809 Old Hwy 10 East
Nebo, NC 28761
Dr. Terry Cheek
3809 Old Hwy 10 East
Nebo, North Carolina 28761
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Rejection and Appreciation
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How do you react when you are rejected or unappreciated? Most if not all of us go through an emotional roller coaster ride. For example, there is anger, hurt, betrayal, our pride is injured and there may even be feelings of retaliation. Let’s be honest, after being rejected or unappreciated you have experienced some of these feelings if not more than the few listed. Let’s spend a few minutes talking about properly handling the emotions of being rejected or unappreciated. First, these things will happen to you, it isn’t a matter of if but when! So let’s be prepared to handle it in advance. Do we expect appreciation or respect? Maybe that’s part of the problem. We somehow feel we deserve respect or some level of appreciation. When we don’t receive what we expect from others we are hurt and feel injured. To the Christian I suggest we learn to love others as Christ loved us. Love without any expectation in return. Think about that, it’s sort of like lending money without expecting pay back. In addition, we don’t know how others are hearing or seeing our efforts. We can be tired or frustrated at something else and give an impression that is far short of being godly. Others can be offended instead of blessed by our efforts. Rejection and appreciation boil down to two perceptions of the same action or words. We cannot give an honest account for anyone other than ourselves, let’s look and ourselves from Gods word and try to please Him and let Him worry about the details.

Dr. Terry Cheek Dr. Terry Cheek

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