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The Inspiring Word
3809 Old Hwy 10 East
Nebo, NC 28761
Dr. Terry Cheek
3809 Old Hwy 10 East
Nebo, North Carolina 28761
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Children and the Church
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The elimination of Abortion and other lifestyles or behaviors labeled as sinful from our Bible is not a question of political will, but a willingness for Christ's church to speak into society with love and compassion. Not merely saying that life is valuable, but showing it as valuable. If government were to outlaw abortion and these lifestyles, actions and behaviors today, it would not last. America’s social will is not there, and that is because Christ's church doesn't function through political will or the sword. The church has faltered every time that has become the means of social interaction. Rather, local churches loving and caring, serving those who do not deserve it and will not make contributions to our congregation, that is what will win these battles. As long as the church is a business with a political arm, we will reflect little of Christ and will have little effect. Only the Gospel preached AND lived will change lives and culture. Do not confuse or distort this message. I am not saying Christians should not be involved in elections or not endorse politicians. I am stating without reservation that the church doesn't function or rule through polical parties or forceful influence. Our children are too vulnerable to continue being used as pawns in political chess. It is wrong and conterproductive for anyone to champion the plight of children living in poverty while encouraging and enabling the practice of abortion. Likewise, it is conterproductive to champion the plight of the unborn being vulnerable to abortion and ignore the children living in poverty, abuse, neglect or even a government controlled foster system. The church is a living organism whose head and leadership is Jesus Christ, we answer to Him through His word. We are the elect and its time we return to that role without political intervention. Recognition is given to Kenny Hilliard III O.T. Scholar and Ph.D. for his social media post which helped inspire this blog post.

Dr. Terry Cheek Dr. Terry Cheek

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