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The Inspiring Word
3809 Old Hwy 10 East
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Dr. Terry Cheek
3809 Old Hwy 10 East
Nebo, North Carolina 28761
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The Inspiring Word (Father's Day 2019)
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The Inspiring Word


Father’s Day 2019

Today as I walked through a local store lagging behind my wife and oldest granddaughter, I could not help but remember her as an infant and toddler. Now, she has transformed into a respectable young woman. Likewise, I have an oldest grandson who has transformed into a respectable young man. There are four more following closely behind them and they have two great examples to follow. I said all of that to say this. Memories are the scrap book of life.

As a father and grandfather, I have taken time to reflect on my memories. A lot of them about myself aren’t very good, and I have people reminding me of them quite often these days. It’s true I have disappointed many people in many ways. Dwelling on it and spending time revisiting those things will not change them. Oh, how I wish I could.

But there are many wonderful memories too. Being with my children and grandchildren as they caught their first fish. Listening to them recite their ABC’s. Reading to them and watching their eyes glisten with imagination as they lived out the story in their minds. My wife and her undying faithfulness through sickness, surgeries and life. My parents, Dad moved to eternity June 17, 2001, it was Father’s Day and what a memory this holiday has for me. Yet, his words of experience and wisdom live on through me by memory. Mom is still with us. I remember her calling me to supper from a day of exploring the outdoors. Her stern words of warning and correction. Discipline was taken seriously in my home and that memory has proven itself effective even through me in the post-modern world. My brother and the hours of fighting and quarrelling then we would defend one another against every outside force that came to interrupt our special relationship. From children to teen’s to adults my brother and I haven’t needed to talk daily because we each know the other would be there when needed. There are many others, friends, cousin’s, co-workers and employers who have left wonderful memories in my mind. Thank you.

One day I too will be a memory. I hope and pray that among all the chaos and confusion I have caused over my life there will be someone who can say I left with them a fond memory. God knows I have been blessed with many. Memories are the greatest Father’s Day present I could ever have. Happy Father’s Day to every Dad reading this and please for your own good, take time and reflect on your memories. All of them, each of the good, the bad and the ugly, because each one of them have contributed to the man you are today.

Dr. Terry Cheek Dr. Terry Cheek

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