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The Inspiring Word
Nebo, NC 28761
Dr. Terry Cheek
3809 Old Hwy 10 East
Nebo, North Carolina 28761
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Intellectual property copyright and use policy
Dr. Terry Cheek
6/29/2017 | Size: 131k | Views: 40+
A copyright and use policy for those using material from the inspiring word.
      Articles on Practice      

Pastoral Statement on Bible Translations
Dr. Terry Cheek
3/1/2019 | Size: 101k | Views: 30+
This document describes my use of Bible translations as a pastor, preacher and Bible teacher.
      Articles on Theology      

Personal Statement of Theology and Doctrine
Dr. Terry Cheek
8/6/2021 | Size: 67k
This statement addresses questions I have been asked regarding my position, preaching, and teaching.

Statement on pastoral qualifications
Dr. Terry Cheek
4/18/2019 | Size: 48k | Views: 30+
Statement of understanding and application of the qualifications of a pastor, given in 1st Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

Biblical Deacons
Benjamin Merkle
9/10/2016 | Size: 262k | Views: 30+
An accurate and well presented description of a deacons qualifications and responsibilities.

Chicago Statement on biblical Hermeneutics
3/4/2015 | Size: 307k | Views: 50+
A Theology standard for Bible hermeneutics among evangelical Christians.

Chicago Statement on biblical Inerrancy
3/4/2015 | Size: 23k | Views: 40+
A Theology standard for Bible inerrancy among evangelical Christians.

Pastor Statement on Financial Responsibility and Accountability
Dr. Terry Cheek
8/29/2015 | Size: 104k | Views: 40+
This statement documents my convictions regarding pastoral, professional and personal financial responsibility and accountability.

Pastor Statement on Sexuality and Marriage
Dr. Terry Cheek
3/18/2015 | Size: 49k | Views: 60+
This document is a statement regarding my biblical understanding and practice of sexuality, marriage and divorce.

Statement of Pastoral Philosophy
Dr. Terry Cheek
3/23/2017 | Size: 59k | Views: 50+
I discuss my role as pastor and how I approach the office and the distinctive's that I see as necessary to lead a successful church.

Statement on Moral and Ethical Purity
Dr. Terry Cheek
3/1/2019 | Size: 95k | Views: 20+
A personal statement concerning my moral and ethical purity and my practice of submitting to background checks.
      Baptist distinctives      

The Baptist Faith and Message 2000
8/29/2015 | Size: 100k | Views: 30+
The BF&M 2000 is the current doctrine statement that defines the SBC and their cooperating churches.

Testimony of Conversion and Service
Dr. Terry Cheek
3/1/2019 | Size: 115k | Views: 30+
My personal testimony of conversion and service.

Statement of Faith
Terry Cheek Th.D.
9/8/2016 | Size: 124k | Views: 20+
A concise statement of faith and Theology.
      Confessions of Faith      

Belgic Confession
Guido de Brès,
8/24/2021 | Size: 97k
The oldest of the doctrinal standards of the Christian Reformed Church and the Reformed Church in America is the Confession of Faith, popularly known as the...

Heidelberg Confession of Faith
8/6/2021 | Size: 3,790k
Heidelberg confession of faith.

The 1689 II London Baptist Confession
10/25/2018 | Size: 480k | Views: 20+
1689 II London Baptist Confession of faith.

Westminster Confession of Faith
8/6/2021 | Size: 736k
Westminster Confession of Faith | iphone | android | mobile | podcast | transcript | kindle | tablets | gospel of john     
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