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The Inspiring Word
Pastor Terry Cheek  |  Marion, North Carolina
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Intellectual property copyright and use policy
Dr. Terry Cheek
6/29/2017 | Size: 131k
A copyright and use policy for those using material from the inspiring word.
      Articles on Theology      

Biblical Deacons
Benjamin Merkle
9/10/2016 | Size: 262k
An accurate and well presented description of a deacons qualifications and responsibilities.

Chicago Statement on biblical Hermeneutics
3/4/2015 | Size: 307k
A Theology standard for Bible hermeneutics among evangelical Christians.

Chicago Statement on biblical Inerrancy
3/4/2015 | Size: 23k
A Theology standard for Bible inerrancy among evangelical Christians.

Pastor Statement on Financial Responsibility and Accountability
Dr. Terry Cheek
8/29/2015 | Size: 104k | Views: 20+
This statement documents my convictions regarding pastoral, professional and personal financial responsibility and accountability.

Pastor Statement on Sexuality and Marriage
Dr. Terry Cheek
3/18/2015 | Size: 49k | Views: 30+
This document is a statement regarding my biblical understanding and practice of sexuality, marriage and divorce.

Statement of Pastoral Philosophy
Dr. Terry Cheek
3/23/2017 | Size: 59k | Views: 10+
I discuss my role as pastor and how I approach the office and the distinctive's that I see as necessary to lead a successful church.

Statement of pastoral qualifications
Dr. Terry Cheek
1/29/2017 | Size: 148k | Views: 10+
This document updates the previous posting. There are no changes in interpretation however wording has been revised for clarity.

Statement of Theology and doctrine
Dr. Terry Cheek
1/6/2019 | Size: 44k
This document provides a general overview of my Theology, Doctrine and Pastoral practices.
      Baptist distinctives      

The 1689 II London Baptist Confession
10/25/2018 | Size: 480k
Reformed Baptist Theology and Confession of faith.

The Baptist Faith and Message 2000
8/29/2015 | Size: 100k
The BF&M 2000 is the current doctrine statement that defines the SBC and their cooperating churches.

Personal Testimony
Dr. Terry Cheek
4/3/2017 | Size: 191k
This is my personal testimony. A revision of my 2016 posting. The content remains but presentation has changed.

Statement of Faith
Terry Cheek Th.D.
9/8/2016 | Size: 124k
A concise statement of faith and Theology.
      Portfolio and C.V.      

2018 C.V.
Dr. Terry Cheek
1/5/2018 | Size: 93k
Ministry portfolio and educational C.V. for your review.

Pastor portfolio 2019
Dr. Terry Cheek
1/2/2019 | Size: 527k
This is a portfolio of my ministry, training, experience and education.
      Tracts & Pamphlets      

The Romans Road to Salvation
10/7/2016 | Size: 103k
A simple outline for leading someone to Jesus as Lord and Savior. Freely use this as needed to share the gospel!

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